Federico N. Soria

Ramón y Cajal & Ikerbasque Research Fellow

Senior Researcher





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After graduating in Argentina (2007), my doctoral thesis in the laboratory of Carlos Matute studied glutamate homeostasis in animal models of brain ischemia and multiple sclerosis (Soria et al., 2014 J Clin Invest; Soria et al., 2016 Glia). During my postdoc (2014-2018) at the team of Dr. Erwan Bezard in Bordeaux (France), I co-developed super-resolution imaging techniques to analyze the extracellular compartment in animal models of Parkinson’s disease. These results (Soria et al., 2020 Nat Commun) unraveled the nanoscale organization of the brain extracellular space in pathology and described an unknown feedback loop between the extracellular matrix and microglia. This work set the founding stone for my current research at UPV/EHU and Achucarro, focused on the matrix-glia interplay in healthy, aging and pathological brain, using live imaging and fluorescence microscopy approaches in in vivo, ex vivo and 3D-in vitro paradigms.