Fabio Cavaliere

Research Associate

Senior Researcher




Dr. Fabio Cavaliere obtained his PhD on Neuroscience at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. His scientific background deals with the mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroregenaration. He is specialist in developing in vitro models of neurodegenerative diseases like for example organotypic cultures (he is author of a patented model for studying PD), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) and microfluidic assays. Currently he works in the Matute’s lab at the Achucarro Basque center for neuroscience a neuroscience Institute devoted to the study of neuron-glia biology in the normal and pathological brain. His publications reflect his interest in the cell biology of PD and his results have been presented at more than 30 meeting in Spain and Europe. He has been also PI or co-PI of national and international grants and complements his research activity collaborating to the development of Master and PhD classes at the University of Basque Country.

Main research line